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Dining Menu

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Try Our West Country Prime Rib of Beef to Share

Try Our West Country Prime Rib of Beef to Share - The Olive Branch, Bar & Restaurant in Food

The prime rib of beef on our menu is 21-day aged for extra flavour and is known for its 'eye' of fat which gives it an amazing taste. Served with a grilled flat mushroom, plum tomato, watercress and fries, our chefs recommend this dish be cooked medium rare.

To ensure it's at its best we only have limited numbers. When it's gone, it's gone... sorry!

Pudding Menu

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Try Our British Classics Cheeseboard

Try Our British Classics Cheeseboard - The Olive Branch, Bar & Restaurant in Food

For those who don't have a sweet tooth we have the perfect finish to your meal. Our British Classics Cheeseboard features some truely tasty cheese, Cornish Yarg, Sparkenhoe Aged Red Leicester, blue cheese, and Capricorn Somerset goats' cheese, all served with a selection of croutons and quince jelly.

Did you know?

Cornish Yarg is named after the dairy farmer, Allan Gray, who first created it. Yarg is Gray spelt backwards!

Children's Menu

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Wine List

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Sunday Roasts

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Sunday Roasts

Sunday Roasts - The Olive Branch, Bar & Restaurant in Food

A True British Institution

Our joints are always freshly roasted, every Sunday morning to make sure you get them at their juiciest. So when they’re gone, they’re gone! 

We want to be the very best, so every element is selected for quality, seasoned to perfection and portioned generously. 

Our classic Roast Beef is only ever from British herds and our gravy is made with the meat juices and the best brown bits from the pan. The secret to our tasty tatties is roasting them in beef dripping, just like your granny did! We serve our roasting joints with perfectly matched accompaniments so there won’t be a scrap left on the plate.

Let’s just say, our love of roasts is as big as our Yorkshire puddings! 

Colourful Coffee

Our Coffee

Our Coffee - The Olive Branch, Bar & Restaurant in Food

Our "Rocket Espresso" comes from our friends at Extract Coffee Roasters and is a combination of great coffee and good ethics.

This special blend comprises of 100% Arabica coffee beans from a single farm in Colombia and a cooperative project in Peru which works to directly benefit the families and communities involved on the farms. The result of this is a naturally sweet and full-bodied coffee with notes of chocolate and caramel to finish. 

Allergy Data Information - Core Menu

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Allergy Statement

Concerned About Allergens?

Hello & Welcome to our allergy information pack, which has been developed to assist you to make your own decisions on the food and drink you chose to order. The descriptions on our menus do not include all ingredients or allergens so please always check the allergen guide to identify suitable dishes.

Our guest’s Health & Wellbeing is our priority, please make sure you let a member of our Team know you have an allergy or are sensitive to any particular ingredient even if you have eaten the same dish with us before and our team will take every possible precaution to prevent cross contamination.

This pack lists all dishes contained in our menu alphabetically by menu category and includes details of allergens contained as ingredients in all the food and drinks we serve to our guests based on recipe information and supplier specifications, as part of The Provision of Food Information to Consumers Regulation EU 1169/2011 we will only highlight ingredients if they are intentionally added to the product.

Cross Contamination

Although we take all reasonable precautions to prevent cross contamination of allergens, this is not always possible due to the size and limitations of our kitchens as we handle and prepare a variety of open foods that contain allergens and at times, cooking equipment and food preparation areas may be shared.

Fried items containing different allergens may be cooked in the same frying oil due to the size and capacity of our kitchens. We have tried where possible to reduce the risk of cross contamination of items cooked through the fryers by grouping dishes together that share allergens to be cooked in specific fryers. The fryer grouping list can also be found in the front of this pack.

If you have any questions about the information contained in this pack or the precautions we take to reduce the risk of contamination then please ask a member of the team who will be happy to help.

We hope you enjoy your meal and experience.

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